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A synergy of technical skills

Founded by Christophe Dufresne, the Investronic group specialises in the design and manufacture of special robotised machines for the industrial assembly of technical sub-assemblies, as well as optical, aesthetic and dimensional inspection of parts in the production environment. Thanks to the synergy of its skills, Investronic is able to offer the production of complete large-scale assembly lines, with in-house control of the entire value chain.

Thanks to the technical and strategic complementarity of these companies, Investronic is able to offer its key account customers reliable and competitive solutions. An overview of the companies in the family group:

  • Founded in 2002, Optec Industries designs special assembly and sorting machines incorporating optical quality control systems. It develops innovative technologies for detection of all types of defects.
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  • Founded in 1992, Aurea joined the Investronic group in 2011. It designs special machines for assembly, inspection, machining, mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies.
  • Founded in 1996, Amidec became part of the Investronic group in 2018. Amidec specialises in the manufacture of special machines for welding, assembly and packaging. It also designs and manufactures press peripherals, 2 or 3-axis transfers and robotised islands.
  • Based in Saint-Etienne, this company joined the Group in 2022. Xénia specialises in high-power laser technology applications and offers a wide range of services, including laser welding, marking and engraving, micro-welding and precision micro-cutting.
  • Created in 1986, the Sandmann company is located in Alsace. From design to production, Sandmann offers turnkey special machines in various sectors such as medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, food processing...
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¨ Bringing together complementary skills within a single industrial group seemed to us the best approach for offering a global solution with high added value and responding to new markets ¨

Ambitions & strategic vision

In a sector where development opportunities are multiplying, the Group aims to :

  • Becoming a leader in machine vision and artificial intelligence

  • Become an expert in modern assembly processes

  • Consolidating partnerships with prime contractors

  • Continued development through organic growth and acquisitions

5 core values that underpin our corporate culture

We are not just a highly technical group, we are above all a team of men and women driven by a shared culture. Investronic's success and growth are based on a system of values instilled by management and shared by all our teams. Over the past 20 years, our group has defined 5 key values to unite our employees in their relations with our clients:

  1. Technical skills, acquiring and passing on knowledge

    One of the Group's core values. Engineers, draughtsmen, mechanical designers, project managers - our teams are highly qualified and constantly trained to offer quality services.

  2. Passion for a job well done

    Each member of staff is responsible for ensuring Investronic's operational excellence and is fully committed to manufacturing and monitoring the project.

  3. Cooperation

    Sharing and exchanging means personal enrichment and group growth. Investronic is constantly promoting and facilitating exchanges. Because we move forward better with others, the group emphasises cooperation and collective intelligence. Collaborative working and teamwork are at the very heart of our organisation.

  4. Long-term commitment to customers

    Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our customers. Our support is based on long-term relationships, full customer satisfaction, going beyond the creation of a special machine and offering a complete solution that incorporates product monitoring and traceability functions.

  5. Innovation

    The working environment and management encourage constant monitoring and the development of new solutions. Investronic is careful to free up space to encourage creativity and initiative within its teams.