Investronic, your technical partner resolutely focused on Industry 4.0

For 20 years, the teams in this family-run group have been studying the problems faced by manufacturers to design tailor-made special-purpose machines.

  • Designer of special inspection and assembly machines Optical quality control system

    Optics are at the heart of our inspection machinery business. We make special assembly and sorting machines that incorporate optical quality control systems.

  • Lignes complètes d’aménagement pour presses

    Complete press equipment lines

  • Laser welding, cutting and marking - Integration of laser equipment on special machines

    Xenia has over 20 years' experience in laser technology. Our group is able to integrate multiple laser solutions into its projects

  • Special machining centres (parts or strip) - Medium-frequency spot welding

  • Assembly machines and transfer lines - Inspection machines (electrical, sealing, vision, etc.)

    We specialise in high-precision assembly solutions using a variety of technologies: gluing, stamping, riveting, laser welding, screwing, etc.

  • Multi-station digital transfer control units

    Thanks to the historical core business of our various companies, we are experts in the handling, transfer and sorting of parts from less than 1mm3 to several dm3.

  • Creating industrial competitiveness for our customers

    The automation of high-speed assembly and inspection processes enables us to offer our customers reliable solutions and increase their competitiveness.

A flexible and rigorous methodology to design your special machines and boost your competitiveness

Investronic imagines, designs and manufactures special machines for machining, assembly and sorting, robotised islands and complete press fitting lines to meet a company's technical and strategic needs.

  1. Expression and analysis of needs

    Our teams analyse your requirements or specifications and start the workstation study. We propose an initial m odel of your special machine. If necessary, we can start with a feasibility study of potentially critical points.

  2. Design, production and pre-studies

    Sizing, calculations, plans and diagrams: this phase enables our design office to imagine the technical solution that will fit in perfectly with your production lines.

  3. Mounting and focusing

    Our teams assemble the machine or production line using assembly drawings and bills of materials, and its operation is tested and validated in our workshop.

  4. Automation, robotics integration, vision integration

    At the same time, our automation specialists program the entire machine: transfers, handling, controls, sorting.....

  5. Transfer and start-up to your workshops and team training

    Once the pre-acceptance has been validated by the customer on our premises, the product is delivered to the customer. Our teams install the machine at the customer's premises and train staff in its use.

  6. Maintenance and after-sales services

    Investronic's teams are on hand to support you and keep your machine in optimum working order. Whenever possible, maintenance and after-sales service can be carried out remotely. If this is not possible, our staff will come to you as quickly as possible.

Experts in complexity, partners in your technical projects

The Investronic group draws on its extensive knowledge in a wide range of industrial fields:

  • Automation
  • Industrial robotics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial IT

It is the sum of this exceptional technical know-how and its optimal coordination that makes inverstronic a recognised manufacturer of special machines.

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Controlled processes

  • Equipment for press reel lines
  • Packaging - Laser engraving - SAP integration - Palletising
  • Design and production of large-scale lines
  • Special machining centres
  • Robotic welding cells
  • Multi-station inspection cell
  • Aesthetic checks
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Robot integration
  • Deep learning vision
  • Assembly machines
  • Process automation
  • Product / process industrialisation
  • Design and manufacture of robotic solutions
  • Design and manufacture of transfers
  • Press peripherals
  • Robotic welding
  • Robot vision system
  • Press transfer
  • Industrial sorting and packaging